Licensed under GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later Thompson Tetrahedron Applet
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Mouse left click to rotate.

Mouse right click to pan.

Mouse wheel to zoom / unzoom.

Click on any line to display its
corresponding vector information.

Click the same line a second time to
display the opposite vector information.

Click the same line a third time
to remove it.

Twinned Burgers' Vectors are only
provided in Thompson Notation.
Assume (d) = (111) as mirror plane.

Drag to rotate, pinch to zoom.

Drag with two fingers to pan.

Tap lines for info.

Warning: The coordinates basis you defined is not right-handed and does not conserve orientation.
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  • Show Tetrahedron Faces
  • Show Lines
  • Show Inner a/3 Vectors
  • Show Twinning Tetrahedron (TT) Faces
  • Show TT Lines
  • Show TT a/3 Vectors
  • Text style: Serif or Sans-Serif
  • Show Point Labels / TT Labels
  • Show Plane Info
  • Coordinates Basis

  • View Type
    Align View To Direction
  • Background Color
    (HEX code, see here.)